Northern and Yorke Landscape Board

Our role

There are nine landscape management regions in South Australia, governed by eight landscape boards and a metropolitan board, Green Adelaide. The landscape boards work alongside, Green Adelaide, which provides an integrated approach to managing Adelaide’s urban environment.

Landscape boards consist of seven members, including a chair. All members have been appointed by the Minister, but from 2022 three members will be elected by the community (except in regions where it is determined special circumstances apply, such as the Alinytjara Wilurara board and the specialist Green Adelaide board).

The boards work alongside community members and stakeholders to develop simple and accessible five-year regional landscape plans with five priorities. The plans aim to ensure that there is a balance between the needs of regional communities and the sustainable management of the environment.

Other key functions include development of water allocation plans for prescribed water resources, where applicable, and operating as the relevant authority for a range of water, land protection and animal and plant control activities.

Our members

Meet our board members: Read a detailed profile of each of our community based board members.

Landscape Board meetings

Regular meetings are held in various locations across the region and members of the public are welcome to attend. Agendas are available via email. Please contact us at

Meeting 13  22 November 2021 Gawler

 Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes from previous years can be obtained by contacting the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board or access a selection of archived board minutes here

Meeting agenda

Annual reports

The Board provides a report on its activities for each financial year in the form of an annual report. This report also explains how the Board’s activities are linked to the SA Strategic Plan.

The Annual Report is provided to the Minister for Environment and Water and is published on the Board’s website once it has been laid before both South Australian Houses of Parliament.