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Landscape levy

We all benefit from our region's landscapes...

Our livelihoods, lifestyles and landscapes are all closely linked to the soil, water, native plants and animals around us. With more than eighty per cent of our region under agricultural production, the sustainable use of our soils and water assets is critical to our long-term prosperity as a region.

We recognise that everyone who lives and works in the region has an impact on the environment. As such, we all share the responsibility and cost of caring for our land, water, native plants and animals, and coastal areas.

What is the Landscape levy?

There are two types of levy. All ratepayers will see an amount on their council rates notice that contributes directly to managing our landscapes. This is known as the landscape levy (previously the NRM levy). The water levy is based on the allocation and use of water by licensed water users. It is collected by the Department for Environment and Water and provided to the board.

The landscape levy, which is collected by councils on behalf of the Landscape Board, is paid by property owners in the Northern and Yorke region to help fund the work needed to protect and enhance the environment and contribute towards sustainable production.

All land and water levies are capped by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which helps to address the cost of living pressures for households and businesses.

What does the Landscape levy fund?

The landscape levy helps to fund the delivery of the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board's plan, which sets out the targets for the region. A key priority of the Landscape Board is to support local communities and landowners to be directly responsible for sustainably managing their region’s landscapes with an emphasis on land and water management, biodiversity and pest animal and plant control. This includes providing greater funding and partnership opportunities with local community organisations to deliver on-ground works and projects.

While the landscape levy makes up a large proportion of the Board's total annual budget, it also allows the Board to attract additional Commonwealth Government funding that greatly increases the amount of work that can be accomplished in our region.

The Landscape Board contributes towards stimulating regional economic growth through the protection and sustainable use of our landscapes. Amongst many initiatives that are supported and sponsored by the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board, this is achieved through;

  • Increasing farm viability by assisting and sponsoring collaborative weed management and control programs
  • Improving productivity in the sheep industry by significantly reducing lambing deaths through management and control of predatory animals
  • Advances in soil conditioning techniques and no tillage farming techniques
  • Support for research into new cultivars of crops that are better suited to our changing climate

The Landscape Board encourages the community to consider the levy as an investment in the environmentally sustainable economic growth and prosperity of the region.