Our region's plan

The Northern and Yorke's plan guides how the land, water, biodiversity, marine and coastal environments are managed in our region.

It was developed in consultation with the community and key stakeholders and encourages people to work together to protect and enhance our natural ecosystems while sustaining the region's primary production, local economies, social and community well-being.

The plan is delivered by the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board through a diverse range of programs and projects that combine the priorities of the community with the legislative responsibilities of the Board.

The plan is made up of two parts:

  • Landscape Plan 2021-2026 The vision, goals, targets and strategies for landscapes in the Northern and Yorke region over five years.
  • Business Plan 2023-2024 The vision and priorities of the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board for the 2023-24 financial year, with a focus on programs and projects that deliver the objectives of the Landscape Plan. Refer to previous business plans.

Achievement Report

Read the stories, projects and statistics that make up the work of the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board. Our Achievement Report 2022-2023 shares how we have worked collaboratively with First Nations people, the Northern and Yorke community and partner organisations to ensure our precious landscapes are valued and protected into the future.

Annual Highlights

View a snapshot of last financial year's achievements by the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board in collaboration with community and stakeholders. This flyer provides an overview of our region, our funding sources and achievements within our priority areas: Community, Biodiversity, Pest plant and animals, Sustainable agriculture and water management. It's a visual, two-page overview that's quick and easy to read!

Snapshot of our Landscape Plan