Clare Valley Water Allocation Plan

Water Allocation Plan

The Water Allocation Plan (WAP) for the Clare Valley Prescribed Water Resources Area was adopted in 2009.

The WAP aims to:

  • protect the resource for all water users and water dependent ecosystems, now and into the future
  • provide greater certainty for water users.

The WAP was developed by the former Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Find out more information about what a WAP is and why they are important.

Find out about permits and licences relating to this WAP.

Download the latest Fractured Rock Aquifer Groundwater Status and Salinity Report. Reports from previous years are available from the WaterConnect website.

Water Sustainability Forum

The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board hosted the Clare Valley's Water Sustainability forum on 8 September. The event connected grape growers, graziers, landholders and the community with the latest data and expert insights into our region's water resources, including information about:

  • Surface and ground water monitoring and the current demand on these resources
  • A snapshot of the Clare Valley Grape & Wine Association's review of the current Water Allocation Plan by Edge Environment consultant Andy Chambers.
  • Water planning in the Northern and Yorke region, including WAPs for the Clare Valley, Barossa and Baroota.
  • Plans for a community monitoring program for pools and watercourses this spring.

Read the presentations:

Water planning in the Northern and Yorke region ’ | Jennifer Munro, Planning Officer, NY Landscape Board

Overview of hydrological monitoring and data ’ | Kumar Savadamuthu, Principal Hydrologist, Department for Environment and Water

Status of groundwater resources in the Clare Valley ’ | Steve Barnett, Principal Hydrogeologist, Department for Environment and Water

Water Security in South Australia: drivers, status and targeted water security planning approach in the Barossa ’ | Ashley Kingsborough, Team Leader, Water Security, Department for Environment and Water

Clare Valley Wine & Grape Association – Water Allocation Plan Review – 2019 ’ | Andy Chambers, Consultant, Edge Environment

Overview of the ecology and aquatic ecosystems of the Clare Valley ’ | Douglas Green, Senior Ecologist, Department for Environment and Water

Community monitoring of pools and watercourses in the Clare Valley ’ | Annie Bond, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, NY Landscape Board