Native animals

The Northern and Yorke region is home to a diverse range of native animal species. Many of these animals are now threatened, so it is important that we conserve their habitats and manage the threats that impact on them.

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How we are working to protect native animals

The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board has implemented a number of projects to maintain, restore and recover the native animal populations in the region. Conservation Action Planning is at the centre of all of this work and ensures that we take a holistic, prioritised and integrated approach to management. This ensures the on ground work we do makes a difference and aligns with the region's priorities:

  • Public lands protected areas, such as national parks, conservation parks and wilderness protection areas provide habitat for native animals.
  • Privately owned scrub blocks complement conservation areas in providing habitat for native animals, and can be formally protected though a heritage agreement.
  • Clearance of native vegetation is regulated under the Native Vegetation Act.
  • Land, water and marine management projects are run in the region.
  • A number of species monitoring programs are run in the region.
  • Visitor facilities in protected areas are carefully planned to manage the impact on threatened species and their feeding and breeding grounds.