Native Bee BnBs for Copper Coast

Protecting the Copper Coast’s native bees

Native bees will benefit from better habitat and more food, thanks to a community-led project funded by our Grassroots Grants program. The project is an initiative of the Australian Plants Society Northern Yorke Peninsula Group which has partnered with community volunteers, the Copper Coast Council and the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board to build native bee hotels (BnBs) and plant native species to provide food for bees across the Copper Coast.

Building native bee BnBs Copper Coast

Why are native bees important?

Native bees are excellent pollinators of fruit trees and vegetables and are a great asset in the home garden. They also pollinate many native plants. In fact some of our native plants can only be pollinated by native bees.

The Native Bee BnB Project comes at a crucial time for bees around the world. It reflects an increased awareness of threats to bee populations and the important role that native bees play in pollinating native and non-native plants.

There are more than 1600 species of native bees in Australia. Native bees are not aggressive and will only sting if provoked.

Learn more about how bees help our environment.

Want to help our native bees?

Anyone can support native bees by planting native food plants and providing nesting sites for them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Check out newly-constructed Native Bee BnBs near you:

View the map of Native Bee BnBs on the Copper Coast

  • The Dog Park off Heritage Drive
  • Davies Park, opposite the Wallaroo Primary School
  • Mays Crossing
  • Woolworths car park, Copper Coast Highway
  • Farm Shed Museum, Mines Road
  • Newtown playground, Lawrence Street
  • Tourist Office, former Railway Station
  • Polgreen Park, Bay Road
Port Hughes
  • Matchplay Reserve, off St Andrews Drive

Native bee workshop video

Native bee expert Dr Katja Hogendoorn and gardening guru Sophie Thomson presented a fascinating workshop on native bees, their biology, conservation and behaviour.

Lead agency

Australian Plant Society Northern Yorke Peninsula


Copper Coast Council, Moonta Activity Centre and Northern and Yorke Landscape Board

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