Regenerating Catchments across the Mid North Farmscape

This exciting three-year project in the Mid North is about improving the farming landscape’s condition and productivity and increasing the connectivity of remnant vegetation in the local river system.

Regenerating Catchments across the Mid North Farmscape

Delivered by the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board, the Regenerating Catchments in the Mid North Farmscape project is funded by the Landscape Priority Fund from levies collected by Green Adelaide.

The Board is working with landholders, farming groups and stakeholders to deliver on-ground works and offer best practice land management advice, including:

  • weed control in remnant vegetation
  • strategic revegetation and restoration
  • soil health
  • pasture improvements
  • actions to improve water quality within the Wakefield River, Light River, North and South Para Rivers and Gawler River catchments.

Landholders involved in the on-ground part of the project will receive an individualised Site Plan to guide on-ground works, and opportunities to expand their knowledge and capacity.

The project is focussed on:

Protecting and enhancing ecosystem function and resilience

  • Strategic restoration works along 16 hectares of river corridor, including targeted revegetation and weed control.
  • Targeted woody weed control to regenerate 5 hectares of land and a minimum of 30 hectares of in-kind weed control.
  • Woodland bird surveys will be completed at two locations to capture improvements to the farmscape.

Improvements in water quality

  • Through stock exclusion from watercourses with 5 km of fencing and off-stream water points.
  • Water monitoring at three locations to assess water health and to capture project learnings.

Improvements knowledge and capacity of private riparian landholders

  • Workshops and field days focussed on sustainable agricultural practices to manage and protect soil, water and biodiversity assets across 339,000 ha.

Lead agency

Northern and Yorke Landscape Board

Funding partners

This project is funded through the Landscape Priorities Fund. It is funded from landscape levies collected by Green Adelaide in the Adelaide metropolitan area that are redistributed to South Australia's regional landscape boards.

More information

To find out how you can become involved, contact Landscape Officer Jamie Pook via or 0439 928 430.