Pest animals

Pest animals can pose a significant threat to agriculture, the natural environment and public health and safety in the Northern and Yorke region. Our challenge is to find ways to reduce the number of these pest animals to help restore native biodiversity and reduce losses in the agricultural industry.
The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board's feral animal management program works with government agencies, research groups, industry, stakeholders and the local community to determine the distribution and impact of feral animals, and the best control and eradication techniques.

We want your help!

The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board is currently working with FeralScan to collect data on feral animal sightings in the region.

To get started, download the app from (Available for iPhone and Android). The app uses GPS data from your smartphone to record the location of feral animal sightings and impacts which are then uploaded and mapped to a central database.

Key pests in the Northern and Yorke region

Feral goat

Common name: Feral goat

Pest animals

Common name: Fox