$1.29m to fund landscape projects in Northern and Yorke

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Two landscape-scale environmental projects designed by the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board will go ahead thanks to nearly $1.3 million in funding from the State Government’s Landscape Priorities Fund.

The Board has received $969,000 towards a $1.6 million coastal care project and $328,468 to regenerate river catchments in the Mid North.

This funding boost for the Northern and Yorke region represents nearly half of a total $2.7 million from the second round of the Landscape Priorities Fund. It is funded from Landscape levies collected in the Adelaide metropolitan area for redistribution to South Australia’s regional landscape boards.

“This is terrific news for our region and a significant opportunity to work with councils, First Nations communities and other stakeholders to benefit our environment, economy and tourism sector,” said Tony Fox, Northern and Yorke Landscape Board’s General Manager.

$1.29m to fund landscape projects in Northern and Yorke

The two-year Northern and Yorke Coastal Care project aims to build the coastline’s resilience through practical, on-ground land management activities, including 143ha of revegetation, 5km of fencing and 100ha of coastal weed management. It will also continue the work of protecting threatened Osprey with the roll-out of artificial nesting sites.

First Nations communities will be key to the development and delivery of project activities with members of the Narungga Aboriginal community involved in project planning, community planting days and native species conservation workshops. The project will employ a Narungga ranger and First Nations contractors for on-ground environmental work.

“This project will not only enhance the region’s coastal ecosystems and provide infrastructure like campsites and signage for visitors to Yorke Peninsula, it prioritises engagement with and employment for Aboriginal people,” said Mr Fox.

Regenerating Catchments in the Mid North Farmscape is a three-year project that will begin rolling out in 2022 thanks to the funding.

The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board will lead a collaboration between landholders, farming groups and stakeholders to improve productivity and land condition along the Mid North’s river corridors.

“Our Board has worked with the community for the past 10 years on riparian restoration in isolated areas, but this project allows us to take a landscape-scale approach,” said Mr Fox.

“The aim is to increase the connectivity between remnant vegetation within the Wakefield River, Light River, North and South Para River and Gawler River catchments.

“On-ground activities that improve soil health, reduce erosion and increase biodiversity will see benefits flow to farmers, who will also have the chance to further develop their sustainable agricultural practices through a series of workshops delivered as part of the project.”

To find out more about these Landscape Priority Fund projects, contact the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board on 8841 3444 or via email ny.landscapeboard@sa.gov.au.

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