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Possums in your roof? Handy hints for banishing Brushtails

News release
16 April 2014

A changing landscape across the Northern and Yorke Region and historical removal of old gum trees has seen Common Brushtail Possums seek shelter in unusual places including household roofs and gardens.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Ranger, Aidan Laslett said help for homeowners is available.

“Having possums in your roof can be a very unsettling experience,” he said.

“They are nocturnal, and can make a lot of noise during the night when you and your family may be trying to sleep.

“Fortunately, there is plenty of information available on what you can do if you encounter a possum in your roof or in your garden.

“It is important to observe in South Australia all possums are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act (1972), which means humane removal is a legal requirement through a trap and release permit available online from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.“

Under the permit, it is a requirement for possums to be released within 24 hours of capture on the same property, within 50 meters of the capture site.

“Brush tails are very territorial, and release beyond this distance may unduly expose the animal to very stressful circumstances. Releasing possums at dusk will also minimise stress on the animal,” he said.

To prevent possums returning to a roof, block off possible entry points as soon as possible. Once caught, careful consideration must be given to the welfare of the possum, and the dangers of handling wild animals.

For more information on how to live with possums in residential areas visit the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources website on and search for information on ‘common possum problems’, or contact Natural Resources Northern and Yorke on 08 8841 3444.

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