Time to control foxes across the Northern and Yorke Region

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Natural Resources Northern and Yorke is reminding landholders that now is the time to implement their fox baiting control program.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke is reminding landholders that now is the time to implement their fox baiting control program, and to look for opportunities to work in unison with neighbours to keep fox numbers under control across the region.

Landscapes Team Leader Grant Roberts said, “The introduced Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) plays a major role in the decline native fauna such as ground nesting birds and small mammals, and cause economic loss to livestock producers by preying on newborn lambs and poultry.

“Proactive fox baiting forms part of an effective integrated fox management program.

“In isolation, it may take some pressure of flocks, but fox populations recover rapidly after short-term baiting, and are best controlled through long term group programs.

“Participating in a coordinated baiting program means more foxes are removed from given areas simultaneously, and this slows fox reinvasions from surrounding properties.

“The benefits of a coordinated approach are significant to communities, livestock, and native fauna and contributes to the Northern and Yorke NRM Boards landscape priorities for the agricultural districts.”

The Natural Resource Management Act (2004) lists a range of pest plant and animals as declared species and provides significant powers to the Board to ensure effective control of pests in the region.

Under the Act, landholders are responsible for the control of pest plants and animals on their properties. This includes both private and public land managers.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke supplies fox baits to landholders and provides instruction on best practice baiting technique.

Landholders are required to take responsible action in accordance with current legislation regarding the supply and use of 1080 products.

Authorised Officers will provide details of legislative requirements at the point of supply so as to minimise the risks that baits potentially pose.

For further information and to speak to officers in the Upper North, Lower-Mid North and Yorke Peninsula District, please contact Natural Resources Northern and Yorke on 08 8841 3444.

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