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Tippara Dunes – common cause unites community for dune protection

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Damage to Tippara Dunes from vehicles is being addressed through a community project.

The community around Port Victoria to Cape Elizabeth noticed damage that was emerging around the dune system between the Gap campground and Cape Elizabeth by uncontrolled vehicle traffic.

Ms Claudia Smith is a Narrunga Woman, Port Victoria resident and a member of the Northern and Yorke NRM Board. She says her community recognized that this damage was unacceptable and could not continue.

''The uncontrolled traffic over the coastal dune systems was actively impacting upon rare plant communities, significant cultural sites and waterholes leading to coastal erosion, weed infestation and a loss of aesthetic amenity to our beautiful beaches.

Ms Smith and concerned community members started work with the Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division (AARD) to rally support and awareness about damage occurring in the dune system.

“We knew that if something was going to be done, it needed to be driven by the community and that this could set an example for the rest of Yorke Peninsula,'' said Ms Smith.

“So, with the support of AARD, the District Council of Yorke Peninsula, Natural Resources Northern and Yorke and SA Police, we called the local community to action.''

As a first step, the group removed a trailer load of rubbish from the area and closed four illegal driving tracks that were cutting deeply into the dune system.

''The local police have been doing a fantastic job cracking down on off-road vehicle use.

“Signage barriers have been put in place across illegal tracks to help beach users understand how they can use and enjoy the coastal dunes in a way that will keep this coastline pristine for locals and visitors alike.''

Work to protect and restore the dune system will continue throughout 2014.

''This highlights just how much can be achieved when the many sectors of our community work together to protect our environmental and cultural heritage.''

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