Wild dogs under the spotlight

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Wild dog control will be the focus of two upcoming forums for landholders to be held in Hawker and Orroroo on May 20 and 21.

Hosted by the Upper North Natural Resource Management (NRM) Group, the forums will help landholders better understand the issue of wild dog management, including effective control strategies.

Northern and Yorke NRM Board Presiding Member Caroline Schaefer, who will open the forums, says it is vital for landholders to be armed with correct information.

"With increasing concerns about escalating stock losses directly attributable to wild dogs across pastoral and livestock areas in the Northern and Yorke region, it is important to understand that wild dogs in South Australia are viewed differently north and south of the Dog Fence," she says.

"South of the Dog Fence, dingoes or wild dogs have been declared a pest under the State's Natural Resources Management Act 2004, because they present a real threat to sheep grazing.

“Populations of wild dogs are now well established and collaborative, district wide control programs are the only way that landholders will be able to minimise the impact on their sheep.

"However, north of the Dog Fence, dingoes are neither specifically protected or declared but are acknowledged for having an ecological role in the environment.

"Stable dingo populations are thought to regulate kangaroo, fox and cat numbers in these northern zones, but they can also be a serious threat to the cattle industry by killing and maiming calves."

The workshops will be led by SA Wild Dog Advisory Group chairman Geoff Power. Speakers will include National Wild Dog Facilitator Greg Mifsud, speaking about the impact of wild dogs on biodiversity and management from a national perspective. Geoff Mengerson will speak about the effects of wild dogs at Depot Springs and Alan Ireland will share his experiences as a dingo trapper. Heather Miller will talk on the successful Biteback Program in the Pastoral region and Biosecurity SA's Peter Bird will address wild dog ecology and biology as well as using traps and obtaining baits.

There will be trap setting and bait injection demonstrations and five dingo traps will be given away at each of the forums as a lucky door prize.

The workshops will be held on 20 May at the Hawker Sports Centre 10am-3pm and on 21 May at the Orroroo Golf Club 10am-3pm. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

RSVP by 10 May to the Northern and Yorke Natural Resource Centre on 8841 3444 or DEWNR.NYNRMBoard@sa.gov.au.

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