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Mount Remarkable and Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Parks have vacancies for campground hosts, volunteers who stay free in campgrounds to help welcome other campers, share information and keep a check on facilities while they are there.

If you are a people person who loves camping or caravanning and wants to experience some of the state’s most beautiful places, then we have just the volunteer opportunity for you.

Mount Remarkable National Park ranger Donna Ferschl said the Campground Hosts Program was a great way to really get to know a national park.

"You spend time in the park, take enquiries, provide other campers with information and generally keep an eye on what’s happening in the campground," Ms Ferschl said.

"It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends, while camping for free. You even get an allowance for travel between your home and the park."

Training and induction is provided, and a staff member is also available for support.

"Mount Remarkable offers some spectacular gorges, a range of walking opportunities, and special flora and fauna including yellow-footed rock wallabies, lace monitors and emus," Ms Ferschl said.

"Innes offers something different in that it’s a coastal park, so it has fishing, surfing, beach and bush walks, a jetty and a range of different plants and animals.

"They are two very spectacular, but very different parks."

Ms Ferschl said the Campground Hosts Program attracted everyone from families to grey nomads, with the only restriction being that pets were not allowed in the parks.

"The Campground Hosts Program also provides opportunities in other national parks, so you can use these to holiday around South Australia.

"And for those not so keen on camping or caravanning, there is also the chance to stay in on-site park accommodation."

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Support Officer on 8841 3444 or dewnrnorthernandyorkevolunteers@sa.gov.au.

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