Revegetation funding for Southern YP landholders

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Funding is being offered to Southern Yorke Peninsula landholders to undertake revegetation projects, with additional fencing available for larger areas of revegetation.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke team leader community Deborah Furbank says the funding provides significant financial assistance to landholders interested in revegetating areas larger than 2 hectares.

"Revegetation usually costs $15,000 for 10ha and we are covering this cost, there’s also fencing available for larger areas of revegetation so it’s an ideal opportunity for Southern YP landholders to get on board," she says.

"Landholders who qualify will be provided with financial and technical support for site planning, site preparation, revegetation, fencing, pest control and other on-ground works."

The funding is available through the Federal Government, of which the Local Communities Restoring Critical habitat and Landscape Linkages in the Southern Yorke Peninsula have been established as five year projects that began in 2012.

The 2014-2016 plan for the projects includes large-scale conservation action to conserve high priority sites.

Ms Furbank says it is hoped the projects will have a positive impact on declining bird species in the area that have been significantly affected by reduced corridors and connecting patches of bushland.

"We’ve seen several species of birds such as the Diamond Firetail, Crested Bellbird and Scarlet Robin decline over the last several years," she says.

"Our aim is to increase the size of some of our bushland areas, revegetating bushland corridors, in the hope of reversing this trend.

"Southern YP is home to a diverse range of woodland birds which feed, nest and shelter within different layers of the bush, and currently some areas have become very fragmented or are missing layers, which reduces the habitat and movement of these birds.

"The flow-on problems of fragmented bushland include greater threat to species from predators, as well as greater impact by weed ingress around the edges of these areas."

For more information or to register interest in applying for revegetation funding, please contact Ms Furbank on 0421 617 155 or email

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