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Hopes fly high for boxthorn control on Yorke Peninsula

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A new control technique for tackling African Boxthorn on Southern Yorke Peninsula and Wardang Island will be trialled over the coming weeks.

A new control technique for tackling African Boxthorn on Southern Yorke Peninsula and Wardang Island will be trialed over the coming weeks.

Encouraged by the success of a similar trial on Eyre Peninsula, Natural Resources Northern and Yorke teams will use a helicopter to apply a granular herbicide to priority boxthorn areas.

"Aerial application will enable us to treat large numbers of boxthorn plants over a broader area, at lower cost per plant, faster and with a higher success rate, than traditional control methods," Sustainable Landscapes Ranger Jasmine Swales said.

"It also means we can get to relatively inaccessible areas such as coastal dunes and islands that are often overlooked."

Under the NRM Act 2004, landholders have a legal responsibility to control African Boxthorn, a declared plant and a Weed of National Significance, on their land. However, boxthorn is difficult and expensive to control, and has become widespread across the peninsula and offshore islands.

"In a first for Southern Yorke, we will be able to target priority areas across multiple property boundaries, making long-term boxthorn control on those and surrounding properties more feasible," Ms Swales said.

"It may even mean that we actually have a chance at winning the battle with boxthorn."

Landholders, the District Council of Yorke Peninsula and Natural Resources Northern and Yorke will work together to deliver this project, which is funded by the Australian Government.

Landholders and visitors to Southern Yorke Peninsula may see the helicopter in action from early April.

For more information contact Jasmine Swales on 0429 150 986 or ring the Natural Resources Centre Clare on 08 8841 3444.

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