Mt Remarkable to the Sea wraps up with great success

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Hundreds of hectares of revegetation, pest plant control and fencing has capped a successful Mount Remarkable to the Sea project.

Wrapping up after four years, the joint Natural Resources Northern and Yorke (NRNY) and Australian Government project has achieved its goal to strengthen links through the creek lines from the Southern Flinders Ranges to Winninowie on the coast.

Part of the Living Flinders Program, Mount Remarkable to the Sea saw a huge collaborative effort between landholders, community, volunteers, NRNY staff, Greening Australia and Trees for Life.

NRNY Southern Flinders/Upper North district manager Danny Doyle says Mount Remarkable to the Sea brought together lots of small projects to the benefit of the region’s waterways.

“The project has really highlighted the value of the country to the community, particularly the riparian areas that come off the range and the coastal areas that lead to the sea,” Mr Doyle says.

“It has been a huge, collaborative effort that shows what can be achieved when groups with different skills and resources work together.”

Among the achievements of the project were 90 hectares of revegetation in 2013-14 and 60 hectares in 2014-15 across the project area.

There was 12 kilometres of fencing undertaken to exclude stock from revegetation areas, as well as 4.8 kilometres of fencing around high quality vegetation in the Telowie area and 2.9 kilometres of fencing along creeklines to exclude stock to allow for growth of river red gums.

Weed control included 60 hectares of boxthorn control along the coastal reserve of the Mambray Coast, 76.6 hectares of olive control around Napperby and Nelshaby, 80 hectares of boxthorn control along Baroota Creek, and buffel grass control along roadsides in the region.

“The Mount Remarkable to the Sea project has been invaluable in helping to provide protection for coastal and riparian vegetation by controlling pest plants and using fencing to exclude stock from high value revegetated areas,” Mr Doyle says.

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