Local community decks the Hall at Martindale celebration

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Memories were made recently on the staircase at Martindale Hall, as Father Christmas gave gifts to 37 local children, who, with 80 locals, had gathered on the lawns of the historic mansion to celebrate Christmas.

Usually held at Mintaro’s Mortlock Park, this year the annual community supper was hosted by Mick and Sharon Morris, the caretakers of Martindale Hall, with carols by the Auburn Court House Choir.

"It was a great turn-out with families from Mintaro and surrounding farms coming together to celebrate the traditional shared community Christmas supper," Mrs Morris said.

After making a grand entrance in Mintaro’s fire truck driven by the local CFS brigade captain Matt Phillips, Father Christmas gathered the children at the foot of the staircase, with parents and friends filling the entrance hall.

Parent Rebekkah Holland said it was a special night for the children of Mintaro.

"We all felt the magic watching the children climb the stairs to the landing to receive their gift, and I couldn’t help thinking this was a moment that will endure", Mrs Holland said.

The South Australian Government is currently considering an unsolicited proposal to develop the Martindale Hall property into a Wellness Centre with luxury accommodation.

Martindale Hall remains open to the public during the assessment.

Caretakers Mick and Sharon Morris are planning a number of fund-raising and community events in 2016, including a screening of ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’.

"We are hoping to do an open-air screening before Easter with proceeds going towards conservation of the grounds," Mrs Morris said.

"We’re sure people will enjoy the opportunity to see the movie at the very place where some of it was filmed, and they can check our Facebook page for details."

Martindale Hall will be open every day during the summer school holidays.

For information visit www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks

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