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Southern Flinders and Upper North community members are being invited to participate in Natural Resources Northern and Yorke’s Living Flinders Community Action Planning (CAP) workshops to be held in early April.

Community Team Leader for Southern Flinders/Upper North Kate Pearce said attending the CAP meeting provides communities and individuals with an opportunity for grass roots involvement in determining natural resource management (NRM) priorities for their district.

"We are asking community members to bring their voices to the table, so that the views of all sectors of the community can be heard," Mrs Pearce said.

"Through the CAP process we can make the very best use of the resources we have available, and get the most effective results by identifying and managing issues at a landscape level, rather than property by property."

Community action planning is used internationally for developing and implementing large-scale management programs, with Northern and Yorke region the first in Australia to adopt it for NRM.

It brings together government agencies, non-government organisations like Greening Australia, community groups and local landholders with the aim of idenitifying NRM issues within the district, developing & prioritising potiential projects around these issues, identifying funding opportunies and ultimately the NRM staff working with the community to get these projects up and running.

"We are looking for a good mix of expert knowledge and local experience so that projects not only improve the condition of local natural resources, but also bring social and economic benefits to local communities," Mrs Pearce said.

"Soil, water and biodiversity are important natural assets on which industries like agriculture, fishing, aquaculture and tourism depend, all of which contribute to the economic prosperity of Southern Flinders and Upper North communities."

Mrs Pearce said that the long-term sustainability of, and quality of life enjoyed by, local communities depended very much on how the region’s natural resources were used and managed.

The Living Flinders CAP meeting will be held in Melrose on Friday 8 April 2016 at the Melrose Sporting Complex.

To learn more about CAP or to participate in the Living Flinders Community Action Planning workshops please contact the Natural Resources Centre in Orroroo on 8658 1086.

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