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Burra to Kapunda fox baiting workshop

News release
21 March 2016

A fox baiting workshop, focused on the benefits of baiting twice a year, was held at Porter Lagoon as part of the Burra to Kapunda project recently.

Ten local landowners attended a session led by Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Team Leader Landscapes Grant Roberts and Ranger Community Denni Russell on Wednesday 9 March.

Ms Russell said baiting in spring will greatly improve the long term effectiveness of fox control, not only improving lambing rates but also helping to improve biodiversity outcomes.

"Increasing biodiversity outcomes is central to the Burra to Kapunda project as it aims to improve connectivity between remnant vegetation communities of woodland and grassland birds, reptiles and small mammals," she said.

The workshop was also an opportunity to showcase a new tool for fox control – the Canid Pest Ejector - a spring loaded device that is staked into the ground with an exposed lure on the surface.

Mr Roberts said when a fox or wild dog pulls on the bait with a forceful upward movement the device is triggered delivering a dose of sodium fluoroacetate (‘1080’) into the mouth of the target animal.

Mr Roberts highlighted the importance of continuing seasonal baiting programs in conjunction with Canid Pest Ejector use.

"Canid Pest Ejector use for fox control has many benefits to landowners in the Northern and Yorke Region but does not replace seasonal baiting programs," he said.

"This baiting technique may also be attractive to other user groups, including people living on small rural properties or operating intensive animal husbandry, as distance restrictions are less than traditional fox baiting methods."

For more information about fox baiting or the Canid Pest Ejectors please contact the Natural Resources Centre in Clare on 8841 3444.

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