Last week of winter signals fox bait distribution

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Foxes will soon begin breeding, so it’s time to start planning a control program. By baiting in the weeks ahead, landholders can help to prevent the recruitment of another generation of foxes.

One of the world’s most successful predators, foxes have had a huge impact on Australia’s biodiversity and agricultural production. Foxes prey on native wildlife, and are known to have contributed to the local extinction of several medium-sized mammals like the bilby and brush-tailed bettong.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Community Ranger Luke Gabell said that adopting an effective fox control program is essential to farmers wanting increased lambing percentages.

"Coordinated fox control across neighbouring properties, whether lambing or not, brings the best results," Mr Gabell said.

"As the fox issue doesn’t keep within property boundaries, a coordinated approach to baiting over multiple properties will lead to greater success in lowering the overall fox population."

Twice yearly baiting has been shown in studies to keep fox population densities low all year round; once in autumn when fox dispersal is at its greatest and once in early spring when females are breeding and under the greatest food stress.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke officers have 1080 fox baits available for landholders to purchase. If three or more neighbours bait at the same time of year, they may be eligible to purchase the fox baits at a subsidised rate.

Dates and locations as follows:

Tuesday 30 August

Wilmington: Memorial Hall 9:30-10:30am

Quorn: Railway Tce by Rural Traders 11.45-12.45pm

Hawker: Opposite Hawker CFS 2.30-3.30pm

Wednesday 31 Aug

Booleroo Centre: Front of Northern Ag 9:30-10:30am

Port Germein: Jetty Carpark 11.30-12.30pm

Melrose: Carpark by North Star Hotel 2.30-3.30pm

Thursday 1 September

Peterborough: Football Club, Main St 10-11am

Please bring your section numbers with you to complete the paperwork.

1080 is a naturally occurring substance that is highly toxic to foxes and dogs. There is no antidote available so extreme care must be taken and directions for use followed carefully.

The most effective control is coordinated group baiting and Natural Resources Northern and Yorke officers can help you and your neighbours plan a coordinated program.

For help to plan your fox control program and for details about cost of baits, distribution centres and other information, contact Luke Gabell on 0448 314 491.

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