Targets set for aerial boxthorn control

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A third aerial boxthorn control program will take place on Yorke Peninsula in early April, with a target treatment area of 5000 hectares.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Sustainable Landscapes Ranger Jasmine Swales said that as this is the third year of the program, results from the first two years control effort are now evident.

“We will be able to identify and re-treat any plants that managed to survive the first treatment and will focus our efforts on filling in the gaps from the previous two rounds of aerial control,” Ms Swales said.

“While some of the very large old boxthorn has proven more difficult to treat, we have had some great success and are confident that we are on track to make a significant dent in the boxthorn population on Yorke Peninsula.”

The target areas for 2017 include high priority coastal areas on Southern Yorke Peninsula spread across private and public land in a true landscape scale approach, including Hundreds of Warrenben, Carribie, Para Wurlie and Coonarie.

Ms Swales said that it is a perfect time for landholders to get involved in boxthorn control.

“The program aims to reduce the overall infestation and reduce seed source available to reinfest surrounding areas, enabling all landholders to have a better chance to get on top of their own patch,” Ms Swales said.

“Landholders can contact us to assist in preparing a boxthorn control program for their property. If we work together as part of a coordinated landscape approach, we can make a difference.”

Under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004, landholders have a legal responsibility to control African boxthorn, a declared plant, on their land.

NRNY landscape rangers are working with landholders and the Yorke Peninsula Council to deliver this project, which is funded by the Australian Government.

Landholders and visitors to Southern Yorke Peninsula may see the helicopter performing the aerial operation from early April.

For more information, contact the Natural Resources Centre in Clare on 8841 3444.

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