New Natural Resources Centre and Regional Hub to centralise services in Clare

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A new Natural Resources Centre and Regional Hub will be officially opened in Clare today, a ‘one stop shop’ where the community can seek information and advice about natural resource management in the region.

Hon Ian Hunter MLCMinister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation

Visitors will also be able to access information about land and water management, pest plant and animal advice and permits, educational resources, tourist and Parks SA information and wildlife and environmental services.

The new centre is based in the historic former Clare Primary School and TAFE campus, which will now become a vibrant and multi-purpose facility.

It will be officially opened by Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter during a Country Cabinet visit to the region.

The Clare Natural Resources Centre provides a new home to the Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board, the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).


The former Clare Primary School site has been transformed through a combination of adaptive reuse and conservation to create a business hub for collaborative service delivery to regional and rural communities.

The partnerships developed between government, non-government, private business and community-operated organisations will be of significant benefit to the community.

The vision of a regional hub is greatly enhanced by the co-location of Primary Industries and Regions SA, Legatus Group, Regional Development Australia and Hart Field-Site Group, with further partners expected to join in the future.

Quotes attributable to Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter

The Clare Natural Resources Centre and the Regional Hub are aligned with the State Government’s vision of strong partnerships between business, the government and the community underpinning the State’s economic development strategy.

The new centre will be a great ‘one stop shop’ where the community can find information and assistance regarding the management of natural resources in the region, be that soils, water resources, biodiversity or the production of premium food and wine that the region is renowned for.

The centre will also preserve and showcase the local heritage of the site, while providing a modern and professional work space for staff.

Quotes attributable to Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock

PIRSA has a long and proud history in the Yorke and Mid North region and this new office space on the main street of Clare will emphasise our accessibility and relevance to the community.

Staff in this office are from PIRSA’s Regions SA, Rural Solutions SA, and Biosecurity SA divisions, providing the touchpoint for PIRSA in the region.

This new office provides an excellent base from which PIRSA staff can continue to work across the Yorke and Mid North to support regional economic development, strengthen local communities and provide assistance to our primary producers and regional businesses in accessing State Government services.

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