Neighbouring landholders unite against sly fox

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Landholders across the Northern and Yorke region are encouraged to manage fox baiting with their neighbours and register for the coordinated baiting program this spring.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Landscape Ranger Denni Russell said coordinated baiting across neighbouring properties, rather than individually, brings the best results as foxes don’t stay inside property boundaries.

“Fox baiting is much more effective when landholders work together at a landscape scale rather than individually, property by property,” Ms Russell said.

“Twice yearly baiting has been shown in studies to keep fox population densities low all year round.

“During spring females are breeding and under the greatest food stress, while autumn is a critical time to target young foxes as they leave their dens and move through the landscape to establish new territories.

“Baiting in spring helps to reduce the fox population reaching independence and maturity next year. Combining a spring baiting round with an autumn round results in a compounded effect on the local fox population.”

Foxes have a huge impact on Australia’s biodiversity and agricultural production through spreading diseases and weeds, and predation on native fauna such as ground nesting birds, small mammals and reptiles. Foxes also cause economic losses to poultry and livestock producers by preying on chickens and newborn lambs.

To maximise the positive agricultural and environmental outcomes of reduced fox numbers, 1080 fox bait will be supplied to landholders at a discounted rate as part of a coordinated approach across parts of the region.

Hampden farmer Trevor Preston said he has been involved in the Natural Resources Northern and Yorke coordinated baiting program for the last few years and has no doubt that it has been effective.

“It’s been great to have a coordinated approach, it means we can reduce fox numbers across the landscape at the same time,” Mr Preston said.

“It’s about working with your neighbours to cover a large area.

“This year, because of the dry times and lack of stubbles on the ground, I have seen several dead foxes in the paddocks, so we know the baits are working.”

It is a requirement for landowners to control foxes under the NRM Act 2004 with a large portion of the NRM levy going into the support of landowners and pest plant and animal control.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke officers have 1080 fox baits available for landholders to purchase. If three or more neighbours bait at the same time of year, they may be eligible to purchase the fox baits at a subsidised rate.

Pre-ordered fox bait can be collected from one of the following distribution points:

Thursday, 3 September

Riverton: Riverton OvalSpalding: Spalding Institute

10am - 11am2pm - 3pm

Wednesday, 4 September

Clare: Clare Oval

2pm - 3pm

Friday, 6 September

Eudunda: Council DepotBurra: NRM, 2 Kingston St

10am - 11am2pm - 3pm

Tuesday, 17 September

Yorketown: Council Depot

9am - 11am

Wednesday, 18 September

Minlaton: Council Depot

9am - 11am

Thursday, 19 September

Kadina: NRM, 35 Frances Tce

9am - 11am

At other times of the year, 1080 fox baits can be purchased at the regular price via prearrangement. Please plan ahead to allow 1-2 weeks for collection.

1080 is a naturally occurring substance that is highly toxic to foxes and dogs. There is no antidote available so extreme care must be taken and directions for use followed according to the label and directions for use.

This project is supported by Northern and Yorke NRM Board.

To register for the program and order your baits, please contact Natural Resources Northern and Yorke on 8841 3444 or email

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