How we measure progress

How we measure progress

The Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board is committed to continuous improvement to provide the best possible support to the region.

Methods for measuring success

The Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) team measures and evaluates programs and projects against the priorities of the landscape plan. The landscape board uses the report progress, findings and ‘lessons learnt’ to make business improvements when undertaking the next cycle of planning and implementation.

Assessing the landscape plan’s performance and ensuring improvements in its delivery and governance needs a multi-layered approach and the landscape board seeks answers to the following questions:

  • How successful has the implementation of the landscape plan been?
  • How successful has the implementation of the annual business plan been?
  • Are programs and projects helping to making a difference?
  • How can improvements be made?

The answers to, and evidence sourced from these questions help to demonstrate outcomes and progress towards the priorities and focus areas of the Murraylands and Riverland Regional Landscape Plan.

Quarterly performance reporting

The quarterly performance report measures the quantitative aspects of the programs, projects and services the landscape board delivers. This is one of the organisation’s primary reporting tools used to deliver progress and performance related information to board members, the organisation and the wider community. It includes information on:

  • Summary of programs progress
  • highlights of key result areas
  • statistical information and activity updates.

Previous versions of the quarterly performance report are available below:

Annual highlights report

Our annual highlights report captures some of the significant achievements that the landscape board and its partners have made during the 2022-2023 financial year. It provides a snapshot of the results of our activities and snippets about projects delivering on the landscape plan.

You can view the current Murraylands and Riverland Board annual highlights report below:

2022-23 Annual highlights report

The annual report

The annual report is presented to Parliament to meet the statutory reporting requirements of Landscape South Australia Act and Landscape South Australia (General) Regulations 2020, and the requirements of Premier and Cabinet Circular PC013 Annual Reporting.

The 2022-23 Annual Report was tabled in parliament on February 6, 2024.

To obtain copies of previous annual reports, please email

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