How we measure progress

Methods for measuring success

The Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board is committed to monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement in our work. The Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) team supports the landscape board to measure and evaluate programs and projects against expected outcomes, and to report these findings. The board uses the ‘lessons learnt’ when undertaking the next cycle of planning and implementation to make improvements.

The annual evaluation process reflects on program delivery using the following key evaluation questions:

  • did we do what we said we’d do? (project scale)
  • did we achieve the outcomes we set out to?
  • how well did it go and did we learn anything along the way?
  • are we making a difference at the local/project scale?
  • how are our collective efforts contributing to maintaining / improving healthy landscapes? (organisational and regional scale).

 The answers to and evidence from the questions above will help to demonstrate outcomes and progress against the board’s Regional Priorities for the financial year. 

Annual evaluation process is used to produce the Annual Investment and Achievements Report which is how the landscape board reports back to the community and stakeholders about investment against the strategic priorities, achievements, and opportunities identified for future planning or program delivery.


Monitoring is an ongoing, systematic collection of data that is used to answer evaluation questions and improve our understanding of how our work contributes to improving landscape management. 

Monitoring at local and regional scales helps us establish whether our management activities are making a difference, and whether the condition of the landscape and its component parts are improving or declining.

Community members can assist the landscape board to monitor the natural environment by participating in our citizen science program.

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