Pest spotlight: Feral Pigs (Sus scrofa)

Pest spotlight: Feral Pigs (Sus scrofa)

Feral pigs have been an ongoing issue in the Riverland region for several years. Feral pigs inhabit the river and creek systems and flooding in recent wet years has provided favourable conditions for their numbers to increase, including possible spread from Victoria and New South Wales.

Feral pigs pose significant threats to agricultural production and the environment in South Australia and require close management to manage their population within the state.

Why are feral pigs an issue?

Feral pigs cause a range of issues for both landholders and the environment, wreaking havoc on pastures, damaging fences, and damaging fruit and almond crops. Feral pigs also damage floodplains and waterways by digging and wallowing, and can have significant impacts on native species. They also pose a disease risk for livestock and native animals, as carriers of diseases including African swine fever and foot and mouth disease among many others.

Pest spotlight: Feral Pigs (Sus scrofa)

What can you do?

Under sections 190 and 192(1) of the Landscape South Australia Act, landowners are responsible for reporting and destroying feral pigs on their property.

If you see or are aware of feral pigs on your property, please contact the Riverland district team to report them. Landscape board staff will be able to provide advice and assistance on suitable control methods for your property. The landscape board also encourages landholders to collaborate with neighbours to increase the effectiveness of pig control efforts in the area.

How can we help?

Through the Riverland Feral Pig project, the landscape board has allocated funding and staff members to assist landholders to manage feral pigs on their properties. Landscape board staff are available to assist landholders with on-ground control of feral pigs through trapping and baiting programs. Undertaking surveillance will also help to improve knowledge about the extent of feral pigs in the region. Good information about the location and numbers of feral pigs allows the landscape board to take a more strategic approach to controlling pig numbers.

More Details:

For more information or to report feral pig sightings, please contact the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board:

Ph: (08) 8580 1800


Landscape board office: 28 Vaughan Terrace, Berri