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Peake, Roby and Sherlock Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan

The Water Allocation Plan for the Peake, Roby and Sherlock Prescribed Wells Area (the WAP) was first adopted in 2011. Minor changes were made to the WAP by the Minister for Environment and Conservation in 2017 to ensure it was Basin Plan compliant. The ten year review of the WAP was completed in 2021 as required under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

The landscape board will make future amendments to the WAP based on the outcomes of the review. Generally the WAP is fit for purpose however improvements can be made to achieve First Nations values and outcomes related to water, and bring the WAP into line with the most recent legislation. Existing water licence holder's rights will not change as a result of any proposed amendments. The amendment process will commence in 2022. More information about the review can be found here or contact Senior Project Officer Water Planning by emailing or calling 0428 113 442.

Peake, Roby and Sherlock Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan (May 2018)

The WAP will:

  • protect the resource for all water users, now and into the future
  • provide greater certainty for water users.

The WAP was developed by the former South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board in collaboration with the community and key stakeholders. The NRM board has been replaced by the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board that now has the statutory function to develop water allocation plans.

The Peake, Roby and Sherlock Prescribed Wells Area falls within the catchment area of the Murray-Darling Basin and the WAP has been accredited under the Basin Plan. Water users obligations to the Basin Plan are met by complying with the local water allocation plan.

For more information on water licensing including obtaining allocations and/or transferring or varying licences in the Peake, Roby and Sherlock prescribed area, contact Berri Licensing on 08 8595 2053 or go to the Department for Environment and Water website.

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