Hazards in the lakes

Many structures placed on previously exposed lakebeds, such as fence posts, star droppers and barbed wire, are now fully or partially submerged in water and are potential hazards for lake users and wildlife.

Whenever possible, landowners should remove such structures from their properties for the safety of lake users. If it is not currently possible to remove submerged hazards, measures should be taken to mark these structures to make them more visible until they can be safely removed.

Boaters should always be on the look out for hazards and use caution when close to the shoreline.

Locating the hazards

As part of the Coorong and Lower Lakes Recovery program, a survey of lakes Alexandrina and Albert was carried out to identify hazardous structures that had been erected on previously exposed lakebeds.

Maps showing the location of known hazards are available online or can be viewed at these Lakes Hub offices:

  • Shop 2, 10 Daranda Terrace, Milang
  • 79 Princes Highway, Meningie

Other maps showing structures that could be potential hazards are available on the WaterConnect and Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastrcuture websites.

Alternatively you can report hazards over the phone by calling Murray Watch on (08) 8531 0710.

More information

Report hazards to Murray Watch