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Based in Murray Bridge, Christina Liapis recently joined the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board education team, supporting delivery of their education program.

Posted 22 March 2021.

Ms Liapis is passionate about inspiring and empowering young people to connect with and value our natural environment.

“The education program provides opportunities for our young people and educators to get out into their local environment and learn about how to manage our landscape sustainably,” Ms Liapis said.

“Growing up splashing around and walking along the local Adelaide beach kick-started my passion for conservation.

“As a child, I volunteered with the Youth and Community in Conservation Action (YACCA), an environmental youth group based at the Willunga Environment Centre.

“I watched this group grow and develop under the guidance of young people.

“This involvement established my firm belief that young people belong at the forefront of conservation efforts. They’re passionate, enthusiastic and capable, and we need them to be involved.

Ms Liapis founded YACCAlings, a branch of YACCA designed for younger children. This is where she discovered a passion for teaching children about the local environment.

Ms Liapis has already been out and about working with students, schools and community, developing strong connections.

“It’s exhilarating helping teachers to incorporate environmental education into their classes,” she said.

“Young people deserve the opportunity to develop a connection with and value the natural environment and have the chance to be directly involved in its sustainable management.

“The education program works towards enabling young people to do this.

“I am so grateful to have this opportunity, and I’m very keen to be working in environmental education and to help spark life-long passions,” Ms Liapis said.

This program is supported by the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board through funding from the landscape levies.

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