Community Urged to be on the Lookout for Khaki Weed this Summer

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The Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board is reminding community members to be on the lookout for khaki weed this summer.

The notifiable weed is likely to start appearing in the coming weeks as the weather continues to warm up, especially around roadsides, irrigated blocks, garden lawns and nature strips. Khaki weed lies flat on the soil surface with characteristic oval-shaped leaves and round prickly burrs. The weed’s burrs are spread by livestock, shoes, clothing, animal fur, machinery and vehicle tyres.

Armed with a deep tap root, khaki weed is able to access water from a deep cross section of the soil, making it hardy and resilient even in dry conditions.

“Because it’s so hardy, we’re encouraging landholders to be proactive about inspecting their property for khaki weed, and to undertake control as soon as possible,” said Brenten Miller, District Officer at the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board.

Community Urged to be on the Lookout for Khaki Weed this Summer

“As with many weeds, early control helps to improve the effectiveness of control actions and prevents seed setting and reduces further outbreaks”.

“As a notifiable weed, suspected or confirmed outbreaks of khaki weed must be reported to your local landscape board office,” added Mr Miller.

“Our District Officers are also able to help with identifying khaki weed and providing advice about the available control options”.

Mr Miller said that the landscape board had recorded outbreaks in Renmark over the past few years, and smaller numbers have also been detected in Waikerie, Cadell and Morgan.

Community Urged to be on the Lookout for Khaki Weed this Summer

Landholders with suspected or confirmed khaki weed incursions should notify a district officer at the Berri landscape board office on 8580 1800.

This project is supported by the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board with funding from the South Australian Government's Landscape Priorities Fund and the landscape levies.

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