Requirements of volunteer insurance cover

  • Fact sheet
  • August 2015
Community based monitoring in the region is substantial, covering a range of water and land based activities.

Volunteers must be adequately protected from unsafe situations in accordance with the principles and practices as set out in the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.

This is to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, the safety and wellbeing of volunteers.

It is required that:

Where insurance is offered to volunteer groups undertaking activities endorsed by the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board they will ensure that they meet the above standards.

To ensure the safety of volunteers and to ensure that volunteer groups are covered by the insurance, the following minimum processes must be followed:

  1. Volunteers must be registered with the group. This is to ensure that the group has information about the volunteer’s emergency contacts and that any relevant medical conditions, allergies, disabilities or past injuries are identified and recorded. A volunteer registration form for copying is enclosed with this information sheet.
  2. An attendance record must be kept for the group’s volunteering activities. An attendance sheet for copying is enclosed with this information sheet.
  3. A suitable risk assessment is conducted for volunteer activities to identify and avoid any reasonably foreseeable accident or injury. A risk assessment sheet for copying is enclosed with this information sheet.

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