Volunteer management form templates

  • Fact sheet
  • August 2015
Volunteers planting trees on National Tree Day in Kyeema Conservation Park.

Volunteer form templates have been developed for you to use.

By using these forms your group will be making every effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your volunteers. You will also satisfy the minimum requirements of SAICORP Volunteer Insurance.

The forms are available electronically on the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board website or from the related links below. They are Microsoft Word documents.

Volunteer registration form

This form registers your volunteers with the group, and identifies any relevant medical conditions. It should be completed for all new volunteers, and when an individual’s circumstances change.

Volunteer project attendance record

All people undertaking voluntary work must fill out this form. It ensures that the volunteer manager knows who is in attendance and provides proof of attendance for insurance purposes.

Volunteer project risk assessment and worksite safety check form

This form should be completed once for each work site to identify risks and determine how they can be avoided. The risk assessment should be updated as conditions change.

Volunteer induction form

This form is used to ensure that important information is conveyed to volunteers before they start working. It includes introducing volunteers to the work site, explaining why the work they are doing is important, communicating hazards and risks (from the volunteer project risk assessment and worksite safety check form), demonstrating safe work practices, and outlining emergency procedures.

Volunteer incident report form

This form is used to record and register any incidents or accidents that occur while volunteering. The information can be used to identify and address any issues associated with the incident and is also an important record for insurance purposes.

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