Post Flood Weed Support

Post Flood Weed Support

Landholders experiencing outbreaks of weeds as a result of high flow events can access free advisory services to help identify species and find out how to best manage them.

Free loan equipment, herbicides and control services may also be available for landholders with outbreaks of priority weed species on their properties.

The Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board’s district officers provide support to landholders, shack owners and primary producers by helping to identify potential weed species and provide advice about available control options. Landholders are encouraged to be on the lookout for emerging weeds, including unfamiliar weed species which may have travelled down river via flood waters.

District officers from the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board are able to provide a free advisory service to help landholders identify weeds and find the best control strategies. Call your local district officer or drop into your nearest landscape office to find out more.

Many weed species are declared and prohibited from movement on public roads. Landholders are encouraged to drop into their local landscape office with relevant images of suspect weeds but should not transport weed samples, even for the purposes of identification.

Berri 8580 1800 or visit 28 Vaughan Tce, Berri
Cambrai 8564 5154 (call ahead to ensure a district officer is available)
Murray Bridge 8532 9100 or visit Level 1, 2 Sturt Reserve Road

Resources to help landholders identify weeds can also be found on the pest plant section of our website, and best-practice control options can be found on the PIRSA website.

Post Flood Weed Support
A subspecies of opuntia on the cliffs near Caloote.

Weed management equipment and services for the control of priority species

Through our Weed Warriors of our Waterways project, the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board is able to loan equipment and provide herbicides without cost to landholders to control priority weed species. Landholders may also be eligible to have weed incursions controlled by a district officer or contractor without charge.

Priority weed species include:

  • yellow water lily
  • opuntia species
  • sagittaria
  • African boxthorn
  • boneseed, and
  • golden dodder
Post Flood Weed Support

District officers are required to formally identify weeds as a priority weed species and can then work with landholders to determine the most effective plan. To find out more about these services, contact your local landscape office and ask to speak to a district officer.

Other weed species

District officers are able to help landholders identify and control all weed species including noogoora burr, bridal veil, African lovegrass and innocent weed. Support to control weed species may be available depending on the weed type and size of the outbreak. Please contact your local district officer for more information.

Berri 8580 1800
Cambrai 8564 5154
Murray Bridge 8532 9100

This project is supported by the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board with funding from the South Australian Government’s Landscape Priorities Fund and the landscape levies.