The best of 2023

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The best of 2023

As the end of year approaches, we take a moment to look back at the most popular stories of 2023. It was a very busy year for our staff but with very rewarding results. In 2024, we’ll keep working to make a positive impact and to ensure our region has a resilient and sustainable landscape.

"Precious" Native Plant Initiative Celebrates 10 Years in the Murraylands and Riverland

Our regional initiative to gift endangered native plants celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, with more than 4,000 plants distributed through 70 schools across the Murraylands and Riverland.

The best of 2023
Twins MItchell and Victoria Alm have been involved in the Precious Plants for Precious People program through St Alberts School, Loxton

A much-needed drink: How the flood events are benefitting floodplain and wetland vegetation

The high flow and flood events experienced in 2022/23 had a significant influence upon land alongside the Murray River. The Riverland floodplains and wetlands received a record influx with water reaching some areas for the first time in 70 years! As floodplains re-emerged from the flood, our ecologists saw an abundance of plant life bounce back, and even appear in areas for the first time in years.

The best of 2023
Vegetation emerging after the flood waters receded

Getting the Low Down on Carbon Farming

Carbon farming is a term that has become increasingly familiar over the last 10 years, but many of us still feel in the dark about what it is. In this blog, we delved into the theory of carbon farming and explored its significance for landholders, the environment and communities.

The best of 2023

A First in 40 Years: Murray Crayfish Released Back into South Australian Waters

Around 200 Murray crayfish have been released into the river as part of a landmark trial to reintroduce the iconic Australian species back into the South Australian River Murray.

The best of 2023

Under pressure: Why are ecological communities under threat and what's being done to help them?

In this blog, we looked at 2 threatened ecological communities in the Murraylands and Riverland region and explored why they are under threat, and what’s being done to try and help them recover.
The best of 2023

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